Fairview Park, Town Council
 Meeting Minutes for February 14, 2023
                              Town of Fairview Park
          Minutes of the February 14th, 2023 Meeting

       The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday February 14th, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The Pledge to the Flag was recited. Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Tonya Cox, Jim Mosre and Attorney Henry Antonini all present, Larry Wilson arrived shortly after. A motion was made by Tonya Cox and seconded by Jim Hall to accept the minutes of the January meeting and financial report. The motion carried by voice vote.
       Angie Riggen was unable to attend the meeting no update was given for the pickle ball courts.
        Mike Kelley had previously mentioned some concerns about burning in the town to the town marshal and said that the problem is still on going
       Resident Don Smith who lives on Fourth St. wanted to discuss an ordinance about allowing certain farm animals in town. He would like to see residents be allowed to have up to five chickens with no roosters in town, he said the animals should be contained and would not make a lot of noise. Larry said he was uncertain ifthe City of Clinton had allowed chickens in the city limits, Eric Jones explained what had happened in Clinton and that it did not go through. Jim Moore explained a little about the town's ordinance on farm animals, he said not even rabbits are allowed in tile town's limits. Larry said the board will have to take this under advisement. Jim Moore made the motion to table the discussion on allowing chickens in town till the next meeting in March with Tonya Cox seconding the motion, motion carried by voice vote, Mr. Smith requested that rabbits be included in this also, Mike Kelley said that if this is passed there should be a limit on the amount of animals allowed. The clerk-treasurer found the ordinance from 1999 that addresses what animals are allowed in the town's limits and Larry read the ordinance aloud.
       Leonard Akers mentioned that with the high winds we have been having the town should look into having the tree beside the town hall trimmed, Larry said there is some issues on who actually takes care of the tree.
      A motion was made by Jim Hall and seconded by Tonya Cox to pay the towns claims
in the amount of$17,380.38, the water department claims in the amount of $26,295.71, the wastewater claims in the amount of$10,192.99, and storm water in the amount of$2,746.36. The motion carried by voice vote. 
       The meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm with a motion by Tonya Cox and seconded by Jim Moore, the motion carried by voice vote.

                                                                          Attested to by:
                                                                          Milisa Carty, Clerk/Treasurer
                                                                          February l4th, 2023
General Fund                        $81,312.11
MVH Fund                               $5,604.79
MVH Restricted                   $107,056.95
LR & S Fund                          $55,913.34
CCD Fund                             $14,973.07
CCI Fund                               $32,310.94
Cum Fire Fund                      $86,685.44
Flag Fund                                   $494.38
Rainy Day Fund                    $46,968.75
Police Ed. Fund                       $2,852.19
Public Safety                         $74,008.52
CCMG                                     $3,569.15
ARP Funds                          $206,864.26
Opioid Distribution                   $3,509.28
Opioid Unrestricted                 $1,503.96
Balance as of
February 28th, 2023            $723,627.13