Fairview Park,  Town Council
Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2019
                                                            Fairview Park, Town Council
                                          Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2019

          The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday January 8th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The Pledge to the Flag was recited.  Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Tonya Cox, Larry Wilson and Attorney Henry Antonini all present Jim Moore was absent. A motion was made by Larry Wilson and seconded by Jim Hall to accept the minutes of the December meeting and financial report. The motion carried by voice vote.
          Appointments for 2019, Tonya Cox made a blanket motion to retain everyone in the same positions as they was in 2018, Those positions are Town Board President-Larry Natalie, Park Superintendent-Jim Hall, Town Attorney-Henry Antonini, Town Marshal-Curtis Stoffel, Water Office Manager-Mary Kay Frazier, Street & Water Employees Mark Andrews and Ralph Leonard, Superintendent-Susan Crossley. Engineering Firm-HWC, and renew contract with the Fairview Park Volunteer Fire Department. Larry Wilson seconded the motion, motion carried by voice vote.
          Town marshal update, Curtis mentioned the car grant he ask the board if the Lit tax for public safety could be used to help out with the grant, he spoke about two pursuits that went thru Fairview and possibly getting some stop-sticks in case it should happen again. Curtis said he able to get Narcan donated to town from the health department and Michael Ray and Dan Whallon are both out on medical leave right now, Larry asked if all of his deputies could possibly attend a meeting so they could be introduced to the board and the public.
          Tonya Cox reminded Curtis about the property on Lincoln St.
          Mike Kelly spoke about the little house problem and the need to stop any more from coming into town, Larry ask Henry for advise on this and Curtis will check on it also.
          Curtis mentioned the property in the 300 block of Jackson St. is now in the hands of the health department. Neil Costello said the property beside his on Washington St. is starting to see some action being taken on it and some clean-up is being done. Jim Hall spoke about the property at 931 E. Third St. he said the home is empty and in bad shape.
          Tonya asked if the Lit tax money could be used for some paving in town, Larry said he was not sure but would look into it.
          Larry Wilson ask if the town employees could check for missing stop & yield signs when they are checking the roads in town and but together a list of what is needed.
          Ordinance 2019-1 Amending Salary Ordinance 2018-10 was read in full and again by title only. Tonya Cox made the motion to allow, Jim Hall seconded the motion, motion carried by voice vote
Leonard Akers mentioned that there was a street light out on Fifth and Davis, Curtis said it would get called in.
          A motion was made by Tonya Cox and seconded by Jim Hall to pay the towns claims in the amount of $31,337.47 the water department claims in the amount of $29,837.49 the wastewater claims in the amount of $6,313.10. The motion carried by voice vote.
          The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm with a motion by Tonya Cox and seconded by Jim Hall. The motion carried by voice vote.
                                                                                          Attested to by:
                                                                                          Milisa Carty, Clerk/Treasurer
                                                                                          January 8th, 2018

General Fund               $34,008.70
MVH Fund                     $42,414.87
LR & S Fund                        $24,832.71
CCD Fund                    $23,075.02
CCI Fund                      $31,079.45
Cum Fire Fund             $69,086.79
Flag Fund                          $871.85
Riverboat Wagering      $31,188.23
Rainy Day Fund            $24,944.96
Police Ed. Fund              $2.934.13
Certified Shares            $15,361.50
Public Safety                 $26,848.17
Balance as of
anuary 31th 2019              $326,646.38