July Fairview Park, Indiana Town Council Minutes
                                     Town of Fairview Park
                     Minutes of the July 10, 2001 Meeting

  The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 6:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building. Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Tonya Smith, David Crane and Norma Snedeker and Attorney Henry J. Antonini present.
  The minutes of the June meeting and financial report were approved with a motion by Norma and seconded by Tonya. The motion carried by voice vote.
   Lon Gardner, Hannum, Wagle & Cline advised that Division A Section III is 90% complete; Section II the NE quadrant needs to be completed and Section I is completed north of Gilbert. Eric Smith reported that Division B has all the underground piping complete and the exteriors of both buildings are complete. They will be finishing the interior work on the buildings. Eric presented 2 inspected and approved pay requests for contractors. Eric also advised that the RD representative from Indianapolis will be contacted to review the damage done to the streets due to the project with the hope of getting additional money for paving.
    Several residents commented on the excess dust, grading of roads and clean up from the sewer project. Lon advised he would relay the comments and complaints to the contractor.
    Resident Jerry Thomas received a letter from the town requesting he come into compliance with the nuisance ordinance within 30 days. Mr. Thomas requested additional time to comply, the Council agreed to the extension. Mr. Thomas also questioned whether there was an alley or easement between Fulton and Gilbert Sts. North of Pike, Henry will check the plat book at the courthouse.
   Brian Berrisford questioned the drainage problems on Plum and he was advised that plans indicate the problem      would be addressed in conjunction with the sewer project.
     Mike Kelley offered easements on Parke to aid in completing the sewer. Eric will explore the possibilities.
     Resident Roberta Luce who requested a definition of a structure and a attached at the last meeting was given a copy of the rate ordinance.
     Resident Richard Kelley advised that the mobile home has been removed from 110 S. Parke and that he has requested the removal of the water tap, does not want a sewer tap and that the lot will remain empty. He therefore requested that he no longer be required to pay the interim sewer rate. The Council approved his request and a similar request made by John Hosa for a lot at 1261 Pike.
     Tom Lambert questioned the boil order. It was advised to boil water until the sewer lines were complete in your area and the water has been tested three times. The boil order is basically a safety precaution due to the number of times the water is being shut down.
     Mr. & Mrs. Andy Beverly advised that the property next door had been cleared of brush and the yard cleaned and does look better, but they would like the Council to inspect the two trailers because of rodents. The Council will inspect the property on July 17 at 6:30 p.m. and they will also talk with the Health Department.
    Larry advised that a potential inspector, Chuck Strobel, has been approached and is putting together a proposal.
    Loretta Smith complained of trees, trash containers and other objects being placed on the town's right of way and obstructing the flow of traffic on Towne. Pictures were presented to the Council. Henry will revise a proposed ordinance and present at the next meeting.
    The council decided to give the old copy machine to the fire department.
    The Police Log was turned in for June.
    Mike Kelley expressed his appreciation for the extra work and aggravation that the town employees and elected officials have endured during the sewer project.
                Leonard Akers questioned if tabs were being kept on the change, orders approved so far. Eric advised records were being kept of any changes made to the original contracts.
                A motion was made by Tonya and seconded by David to pay the Town claims in the amount of $6,542.47, the wastewater claims of $473,999.32 and the Water Department claims in the amount of $27,150.65. The motion carried by voice vote.
                The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. with a motion by Tonya and seconded by Norma. The motion carried by voice vote.

                                                            Attested to by:
                                                            Teresa Baker, Clerk-Treasurer
                                                            Julv 10. 2001