Fairview Park, Indiana Town Council Meeting Minutes for June 10, 2014

                                     Town of Fairview Park
                                Minutes of the June 10, 2014 Meeting

       The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The Pledge to the Flag was recited. Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Tonya Smith, Phyllis Lambert and Jim Moore and Attorney Henry Antonini was present. A motion was made by Tonya and seconded by Phyllis to accept the minutes of the May meeting and financial report. The motion carried by voice vote.
      Jim Moore along with the Marshal checked on a nuisance property on Towne. Pictures were taken and a citation was issued. Strader & Hall advised that there was rank vegetation and abandoned vehicles. They gave the property owner 72 hours to remove the vehicles or get them operational. The property owner Christopher Tierney advised that one of the vehicles tagged is properly plated and because of the rain he can't work to get the vehicles moved. He advised that his yard is environmentally sound and gave our attorney a list of websites to check. Larry advised that we have nuisance ordinances in place and we will continue with action to clean up his property.
       The rotten tree at 7th & Washington will be checked by Sue. She will also check with Duke Energy as there are several power lines nearby. Phyllis advised that a dead tree near her had been taken down. Sue will send a letter concerning the tall grass at the Rodney Hines property. Larry & Jim are working on a solution to the Emery property on Kibby.
       Leonard Akers asked about fireworks. It was noted that state law allows fireworks daily until 11:00 p.m. and until midnight on certain Holidays. The fire and police departments will talk with any potential problems due to the shooting off of fireworks.
       Mike Kelley said the guys are doing a good job on the alleys using the box grader & suggested the Town purchase one for their tractor. Sue advised that calcium chloride will be sprayed on Monday.
       It was noted that there are no Stop or Yield signs at 7th & Towne and there have been several near misses. The council will look into amending the ordinance to allow for one.
      Don Klinge submitted a request for the fire department budget.
      Mr. Tierney offered to help the Town in any way that he may be qualified.
      Sue advised that since Clinton imposed a 5 ton weight limit, there has been more truck traffic in Fairview   and that the roads are deteriorating. She asked the council to consider a weight limit and designating truck routes exempting school buses and deliveries to businesses.
       Teresa advised that Walmart made a $500 donation to the Police department.
        A motion was made by Tonya and seconded by Phyllis to pay the Town claims in the amount of $11,598.38, the water department claims in the amount of $18,278.18 and the wastewater claims in the amount of $9,891.78. The motion carried by voice vote.
       The meeting adjourned at 8:04 pin. with a motion by Jim Hall and seconded by Tonya. The motion carried by voice vote.

                                                                                                   Attested to by:
                                                                                                  Teresa Baker, Clerk-Treasurer                                                                                                      June 10, 2014