Fairview Park, Town Council Meeting
     Minutes for March 13, 2012
                             Town of Fairview Park
                      Minutes of the March 13, 2012 Meeting

       The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The Pledge to the Flag was recited. Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Tonya Smith, Phyllis Lambert and Jim Moore and attorney Henry L. Antonini present. A motion was made by Tonya and seconded by Phyllis to accept the minutes of the February meeting and financial report. The motion carried by voice vote.
       The Council decided to have Tim Cottrell replace the Fire Department/Town Hall roof with metal.
Leonard Akers advised there is still a problem with stray cats on Jackson. The Marshal noted the complaint.
       A motion was made by Tonya and seconded by Jim Hall to approve the Clerk-Treasurer's bond. The motion carried by voice vote.
      Larry Beard asked that the letter from him as Vermillion County Unsafe Building Inspector be read. Larry read said letter which advised that Mr. Beard conducted an investigation with             David Wright present. Mr. Beard walked through the buildings finding them to be in sound condition. Mr. Wright was advised to board up two windows that were broken out.. He was also advised and agreed to remove the wagon, metal and to keep the grass mowed. As far as the Health Department is concerned, this case is closed.
       David Wright spoke on his own behalf advising that he agrees that the property was an eyesore. He said that there were piles of junk taken and that was fine with him, but he felt that there were things taken that shouldn't have been. In particular were his son's trampoline, that was laying top down, posing no hazard, and a hog roaster. He wants to discuss this with the Council in order to settle it now instead of in court. Mr. Wright advised that he had no use for property and that it was full of junk. Mr. Wright also complained of some of the neighboring properties that also have junk on them and stated that he only wanted to be treated fairly. Larry advised that the Council would take it under advisement.
       A motion was made by Tonya and seconded by Jim Hall to replace the broken window on the old Town Hall and to check if possible to secure a deal if replace all three at once. The motion carried by voice vote.
       Tonya advised of a scam letter that she received concerning warranty on the water lines.. The letter will be displayed for water customers to advise them.
      Curtis Stoffel asked the Councils permission to look into grant moneys for police vehicles. The Council approved his request to pursue information on the grant. It was determined that there is not conflict with this request and the Fire Department's seeking of a grant.
       A motion was made by Phyllis and seconded by Tonya to pay the Town claims in the amount of $8,300.92, the water department claims in the amount of $6,895.18 and the wastewater claims in the amount of $7,428.86. The motion carried by voice vote.
       The meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. with a motion by Tonya and seconded by Jim Moore. The motion carried by voice vote.

                                                                                         Attested to by:
                                                                                         Teresa Baker, Clerk-Treasurer
                                                                                              • March 13, 2012