Fairview Park, Indiana Town Council Meeting Minutes for December 9, 2014
                                                     Town of Fairview Park
                                                           P.O. Box 218
                                                        Clinton, In. 47842
                                                   (765) 832-3722 * Fax (765) 832-3984

                                                                           December 9, 2014

Pledge to the Flag

Open meeting -Roll Call, Motion to approve minutes of the November meetings and the financial report.

Old Business -Raise amount for use of hall-Phyllis

                               Other old business

New Business ~ Approve Clerk-Treasurer bond

                                   Contract-grant administration

                                   Contract HWC for study grant

                                   Contract sludge removal

                                   Salary Ordinance 2014-9

                                 Other new business

Claim Vouchers -Council view claims and motion to pass town, wastewater and water utility claims.

Adjourn -Motion to adjourn.

*Next regular business meeting will be held on January 13,2015 at 7:00 PM at the Municipal Building.

                                                                                                               Teresa Baker, Clerk -Treasurer