This flag was designed by Leonard William Akers Jr of Fairview Park, Indiana.
  It was adopted as the town of Fairview Park's Official Flag at the town council meeting August 13, 2002. After adoption the flag was presented to the town as a gift by the Akers family in commemoration of the town's Centennial Birthday. It was publicly display for the first time in what is believed to be the first ever parade in the town of Fairview Park, also organized by Leonard William Akers Jr.. After that display it will be flying from the flag pole at the corner of Washington & 3rd Street in Fairview Park, by the town hall and firehouse.
  The image in the center of the circles is that of the "old town hall" building the only historic landmark in Fairview Park. The old town hall building was built in 1936 by the W.P.A., and is believe to be the only W.P.A. building that was built to be a government building and has been used fo nothing else in the state of Indiana.
  The lettering is the same as used by the Clerk Treasure' official seal.
  The flag's colors was choosen by the Akers family.