Businesses that have Supported us by Displaying Donation Cans

M & M Lawn Mower Sales & Service - 558 N. 9th St. , Clinton

Bob Daniels Barber Shop - 450 N. 9th St., Clinton

Corner Stop - 507 W. 1st St. Fairview Park

Sharp  Mini- Mart  425 Elm St., Clinton

Fred's Barber Shop 325 S. Jackson St. (Fairview Park)

Casey's General Store 1501 N.9th St

Roberta's Beauty Shop  734 E. 5th St. (Fairview Park)

Professional Glass 1796 N. 9th St.

V.F.W. Post 6653     339 N. 9th St.  Clinton

Special Thanks to these Organizations & Corporate Sponsors for Contributions of $100 or more !

Clinton Lions Club                                            $100
Cinergy                                                             $100
Bill & Betty Mooney of Mike's Motor Company  $100
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 157         $200
Eli Lilly Clinton Laboratory                               $600

Also a Special Thanks to Joe Summers, for his help with this project !!!
Successful flag fund
Contributors to the Fairview Flag Fund were recognized Tuesday morning by project chairman Leonard Akers who announced that 60 flags had been purchased for the project. From the left are Dave Roy of the Clinton Lions Club, Akers, Joe Osborn, Business Manager of the Plumbers & Steamfitters #157, and Janeen King of the Contributions Committee for the Clinton Laboratories of Eli Lilly & Comapny. (Digital Photo b,, G.B. "Sonny" Carey)
Fairview raises funds to purchase 60 flags
by George B. "Sonny" Carey
  In a little over five months, a project to fund and purchase new. American flags for the Town of Fairview was begun and completed.Project chairman Leonard Akers announced "that if all goes well" volunteers from the Fairview Fire Department will have placed new flag holding brackets mounted on the 54 utility poles lining Washing­ton street in Fairview, and that the new flags will be displayed for the first time on Veterans' Day, Nov. 11.
  The project began when Leonard first noticed that Fairview was the only town in the area which never displayed the American flag on appropriate displaying days."It bothered me," Akers said today, "and after asking for permission from the town board on April 8, 2003, I began a fund to pay for the needed flags."
  A total of $2,096.11 was raised in just over five months, and 60 3' x 5' flags were purchased  at cost  from Norm and Jan Edris at Horney's True Value Store. Special brackets to hold the flags became a project of the apprentice Plumbers & Steamfitters, and in 20 days the brackets will be placed on utility poles lining Washington street in Fairview. The flags are top quality polyester with embroidered stars. Major contributors, in addition to the many townsfolk from the surrounding area, were Cinergy, the Clinton Lions Club, Plumbers & Steamfitters, Eli Lilly Clinton Laboratories and Betty and Bill Mooney.
  Canisters for donations were placed at First Citizens State Bank, M & M Lawn Mower Sales and Service, Bob Daniel's Barber Shop, Corner Stop, Sharp Mini-Mart, Fred's Barber Shop, Casey General Store, Roberta's Beauty Shop, Professional Glass and V.F.W. Post 6653.
Picture & Article from the October 21, 2003 edition of the "Daily Clintonian"
A Ordinance was passed by the Fairview Park Town Council at the request of Leonard Akers to establish a permanent Flag Fund. That ordinance may be viewed by clicking on the file below.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is require to view that file. It may be downloaded for free by clicking on the icon to the right.