Fairview Park, Town Council
     Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2018
                                   Fairview Park, Town Council
                              Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2018

                The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday March 13th, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The Pledge to the Flag was recited.  Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Larry Wilson and Jim Moore was all present. Tonya Smith and Attorney Henry Antonini were absent. Larry Natalie mentioned there was a couple of spelling errors in the February minutes and he ask to have them corrected, Larry Wilson made the motion to accept the minutes with corrections and the financial report, Jim Hall seconded the motion, motion carried by voice vote.
                In the Town Marshall update Curtis spoke about one of the police cars that had some serious problems, he had got estimates from several different repair shops, some said they would not do the work others was very expensive, he mentioned Midas wanted $2764.00 to do the work, he ask the mechanic who has done most of the work on the cars to look at it and he gave him a price of $100.00 to do the repair job. Curtis said the area break-ins have slowed down some but to keep your cars locked, he spoke about the dog issue from the last meeting he said he spoke to the owners of the dogs and they shouldn’t have any more problems. Mike Kelley asked about the abandoned cars in town, Curtis said he will soon start tagging them.
                Neal Costello said he is still working on the contract between the town and the fire department and he hopes to have it done by the next meeting
                Leonard Akers mentioned the acoustic problem in the town hall he doesn’t want the board to forget about the problem.
                Larry Cox with AFLAC spoke briefly about the insurance and some employee benefits through AFLAC, the board gave him permission to meet with the town’s employees.
                Mary Kay ask about the town filling pools this year she wanted to know if the town was going to do as they have done in the past, Larry had some concerns about the towns policy on this and he believes it does need to be updated, after much discussion it was decided to table any decision on this till next meeting to give the board some time to look into it and to see how they want to proceed.
                Larry Wilson asked what the policy was on reading meters in the winter, Mary Kay explained they will read the meters if it’s above freezing, if it is below freezing they will estimate the bill since they do not want to take the chance of the meter freezing up.
                Mary Kay also said she had a resident who lives on Chestnut St. ask if the Storm Water Project will have an effect on the concrete bridge on her property Larry said he don’t believe the construction will go that far.
                A motion was made by Jim Hall and seconded by Larry Wilson to pay the towns claims in the amount of $15,511.10 the water department claims in the amount of $11,150.09 and the wastewater claims in the amount of $6,924.60. The motion carried by voice vote.
               The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm with a motion by Jim Moore and seconded by Jim Hall. The motion carried by voice vote.
                                                                                                  Attested to by: 
                                                                                            Milisa Carty, Clerk-Treasurer
                                                                                                  March 13th, 2018

General Fund                $18,801.59
MVH Fund                      $32,317.60
LR&SFund                     $17,336.16
CCD Fund                      $24,590.31
CCI Flllld                         $33,236.11
Cum Fire FlUld               $64,782.98
Flag FlUld                           $571.85
Riverboat Wagering       $46,919.23
Rainy Day Fund             $36,393.15
Police Ed. Flllld                 $2.208.13
Certified Shares               $3,525.75
Public Safety                    $6.162.75
Balance as of
March 31th. 2018 $286.845.61