Fairview Park,  Town Council Meeting             Minutes for May 9, 2017
                                       Town of Fairview Park
                            Minutes of the May 9th, 2017 Meeting

           The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday May 9th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The Pledge to the Flag was recited.  Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Tonya Smith, Larry Wilson Jim Moore and Attorney Henry Antonini all present.   A motion was made by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Moore to accept the minutes of the April meeting and financial report.  The motion carried by voice vote.
           First up 2017-3 Weed Grass & Rank Vegetation Control Ordinance, due to the length of the ordinance it was read by title only twice as per the towns attorney with full copies of the ordinance available for anyone who wished to have one. Jim Moore made the motion to accept the ordinance Tonya Smith seconded the motion, motion carried by voice vote
           Phil Bennett presented a request for $550.00 for help with the cameras the department is wanting to purchase and install he briefly spoke about the cameras and the location of where they will likely be installed. Phil said he would get a drawing of the locations for the cameras and present it to the board at the next meeting. A decision was made to wait till the June meeting for a motion on this.
           Jim Hall asked about Joink and how they are doing, Sue said she had asked Eric Smith for help in locating the sewer lines for the company. Jim also ask about the house on Jackson St. we now have the deed and it belongs to the town, The fire department ask again about using it for training,  the plan was for training to be on May 25, 26,27. The department was allowed to use it for training. Sue asked about bids for the demolition of the home on the property the board said they had one bid but are going to request more.
          Leonard Akers ask about the acoustics in the hall, Tonya said no one has got back with her about this yet.
Leonard also questioned if any of the board members actually read the minutes and he also questioned how the town adopts it ordinances, he believes it is being done incorrect, after some discussion on this Larry said the board would look into this and make whatever corrections need to be made.
          Tonya asked about the property by the high school, Curtis said he had spoken to the courthouse about it and that there is some problem finding the owner, Curtis said the next step would be to issue a letter to the owner.
          Becky Edington with the library made a request to the board to install a little library at the towns park or somewhere else in town, she explained how and who is making the little boxes for the libraries, she said the library will take full care of the little boxes and it would be at no cost to the town, Larry ask about the books and who would stock the little libraries, she said the library would stock them and the books do not have to be returned. Tonya Smith made the motion to allow the little libraries with Jim Hall to oversee the location of them. Larry Wilson seconded the motion, motion carried by voice vote.
          Tonya also asked about the retaining pond by the highway she said some residents had asked her about digging it a little deeper or cleaning it out, the board asked Sue to look into getting some bids on cleaning it out.
Leonard asked about the donation for the grandstands, Milisa had checked with the State Board of Accounts and a donation can be made by a town to several different organizations, libraries, museums, historical facilities, community centers and the SBOA said the grandstands and fair grounds would be considered a community center, after some discussion Tonya Smith made a motion to table the donation till the June meeting so an amount can be set and to find out where in the budget it will come from, Jim Hall seconded the motion, motion carried by voice vote
          Tommie John ask the town for permission to put a tiny home on Davis St. on a lot by the duplex’s that is owned by her family, she explained the size and some of the qualities of the tiny home. Henry ask how the tiny home was titled, she said it would be as a RV, after much discussion the board said they have to look into this more and will report back to her at the June meeting.
         Cory Delp requested to reduce the speed limit around the towns park to maybe 15 mph Curtis suggested to put up some Children at Play signs and the town would need an ordinance to change the speed limit in that area, Tonya made the motion to move forward with the reduced speed limit ordinance, Henry ask that it be tabled till the next meeting, since there was no second to her motion, it did not carry, Tonya made another motion to table this till the next meeting, Jim Moore seconded the motion, motion carried by voice vote
          Sue informed the board that the town will start spraying for mosquitos on May11th, weather permitting she also requested that the town look into purchasing a new sprayer for next year, and she wanted to know if the town was going to spray the allies for dust control, Larry said yes the town would.
          As the new town marshal Curtis said he will present an active report each month to the board to go over what his department has done, he read a brief list for Aprils report and he introduced Dan Whallon as his new deputy, he spoke about the surplus police car and that he was able to get it running and back on the road for under $700.00. Curtis spoke about an anonymous letter the town board had received he went through the list of concerns that was on it and checked them all out, all of them was located on Jackson St. and most of the problems was with non-running vehicles he said he will keep up on this.
          Milisa mentioned a Thank you card the town had got from Becky Ellis she was very grateful for the help she received from the board and Curtis.
          Larry Wilson asked for an update on the sewer project and where the town stands now after almost twelve years of service.
           A motion was made by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Hall to pay the towns claims in the amount of $10,360.06 the water department claims in the amount of $22,797.28 and the wastewater claims in the amount of $15,399.79. The motion carried by voice vote.
           The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. with a motion by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Moore. The motion carried by voice vote.

                                                                                                  Attested to by:
                                                                                           Milisa Carty, Clerk-Treasurer
                                                                                                  May 9th, 2017

General Fund           $12,809.84
MVH Fund               $39,058.64
LR&  S Fund            $18,226.24
CCD Fund               $24,435.00
CCI Fund                 $33,365.48
Cum Fire Fund         $60,371.21
Flag Fund                     $576.88
Riverboat Wagering  $38,708.68
Rainy DayFund        $30.046.91
Police Ed. Fund          $2.891.47
Park Grant Fund                  .00
Excess Levy Fund                .00
Balance as of
May 31th, 2017       $260,490.35