Fairview Park Town Council
Meeting Minutes for October 11, 2016
                                                   Town of Fairview Park
                                  Minutes of the October 11th, 2016 Meeting

              The Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday October 11th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building. The Pledge to the Flag was recited.  Roll call was taken with council members Jim Hall, Larry Natalie, Tonya Smith, Larry Wilson, Jim Moore and attorney Henry Antonini was all present. A motion was made by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Moore to accept the minutes of the September meeting and financial report.  The motion carried by voice vote.
              Larry Natalie welcomed the new 4th ward board member Larry Wilson to the Town Board.
              Mike Strader spoke about the neighborhood watch, he is trying to find someone who has done a neighborhood watch before and have them come and speak to the board and the town residents who are interested in it, he explained that the watch is for the citizens, not law enforcement so volunteers will be needed for all areas of the watch, he mentioned that the Town of Dana had a watch and it worked great but when the problems went away so did the neighborhood watch. Larry Natalie asked about training for the volunteers, Mike said there was some training, what a volunteer can and cannot do
              The solicitation ordinance, Leonard Akers said he had checked into the towns ordinances and there isn’t any in place, after some discussion Larry Natalie ask Mike Strader if he could get a copy of the county’s policy for solicitation for the board to look at, and maybe use it as a draft for the town, Mike said he would try to have it by the next meeting.
             Jim Hall spoke about the Fourth St. railroad crossing, Phil Bennett said he also had spoken to CSX about the crossing and getting the brush cut back, one area has been cut but more needs to be done. Phil also mentioned that the railroad sign needs to be set back up.
              Larry Natalie ask about the Cherry St. property and if the town still had the letter that was sent out to the property owners, Mary Kay said we did still have it, Larry ask if the letter could be given to Curtis Stoffel so he could deliver it to the owners.
              2016-3 Ordinance of the Town of Fairview Park, Indiana Adopting Uniform Internal Control Standards for Indiana Political Subdivision was read aloud once in full and read again by title only. A motion to accept was made by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Hall, motion carried by voice vote.
              2016-4 Ordinance to Approve the 2017 Budget was read in full and once again by title only. A motion to accept was made by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Moore, motion carried by voice vote.
             The re-scheduling of the November Meeting will be on Wednesday Nov. 9th at 7o’clock p.m., due to the national election on Nov. 8th.
              Neil Costello spoke about the fire departments trucks and the testing that was done on them in Riley IN. through Hoosier Fire & Safety he said our trucks are in good shape for their age.
             Larry Natalie asked attorney Henry Antonini what needed to be done to amend the nuisance ordinance that has the trick-or-treating days in it. Henry said to make the amendment to the ordinance, pass it, and then publish it. The change is to have trick-or-treating only one day instead of two as the old ordinance reads.
             Mike Strader said the old town marshal car is going to be dismantled with the approval from the board, with the money from it going towards the purchase of a new police car. Jim Moore made a motion to allow the town marshal to dismantle the old police car with the money going towards the purchase of a new police car, Tonya Smith seconded the motion and it was voice approved.
              Neil spoke about the grants the fire department has been pursuing he said since 2003 the department has received $398,000.00 in grant money. Larry Wilson asked about grant money for radios and Neil explained that there had been one from Emergency Management for up-dating and purchasing radios.
               Henry said that a motion needs to be made for the police car surplus, Jim Moore made the motion to adopt a Surplus Ordinance 2016-5 on the old police cars Larry Wilson seconded the motion,  motion carried by voice vote.
              Leonard Akers ask about the acoustics in the town hall, he mentioned that he had ask about it before since people have trouble hearing sometimes, he had requested that when the department heads spoke they would come to the up front. Leonard ask the board to make a motion to actively pursue the problem with the acoustics in the room, the motion was made by Jim Moore to move forward on the sound problem in the town hall, it was seconded by Jim Hall motion carried by voice vote.
               A motion was made by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Moore to pay the town claims in the amount of $23,614.17 the water department claims in the amount of $12,083.95 and the wastewater claims in the amount of $285,398.58.  The motion carried by voice vote.
             Mike Kelley made a quick statement about the Town of Newport’s sewage plant, that they was having a hard time also, and he had heard they was purchasing waste and maybe it was something the town could look into.
              The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m. with a motion by Tonya Smith and seconded by Jim Hall. The motion carried by voice vote.

                                                                                                                       Attested to by:
                                                                                                               Milisa Carty, Clerk-Treasurer
                                                                                                                       October 11th, 2016

General Fund                $28,595.68
MVH Fund                    $33,439.15
LR & S Fund                 $27,909.32
CCD Fund                     $23,530.24
CCI Fund                      $31.498.20
Cum Fire Fund              $58,590.40
Flag Fund                         $576.88
Riverboat Wagering       $38,708.68
Rainy Day Fund            $26.859.91
Police Ed. Fund              $2.929.25
Park Grant Fund                      .00
Excess Levy Fund                  .00
Balance as of
October 3lsL  2016     $272,637.71