Founded in August 1902
Biggest Little Town in Vermillion County
Area Code 765      Zip Code 47842
Governed by a Town Board
Town Board Meetings held  2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM
Old Town Hall
New Town Hall
Board President     Larry Natalie    832-6539
Park Superintendent    Jim Hall  832- 6975
Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 3
Ward 4
Ward 5
Jim Hall
Larry Natalie
Jim Moore
Town Attorney   

Henry J. Antonni

832-9355 or 832-1732
Water & Street Utility  Manager   Sue Crossley
Water Utility  Office   832-3722
Home        832-9389
Town  Clerk / Treasurer  
Milisa Carty
City Office  765-832-3722
Fax 765-832-3984
Home 765-832-7531
Water Utility  Office

Secretary   832-3722
Fairview Park Town Marshal 
Fairview Park  Water & Street Department  Employees
Fairview Park  Town Hall Custodian 
John J. Sanquenetti
Fairview Park  Volunteer Fire Department  
Favorite Links
Vermillion County Economic Development Council
Fairview Park Volunteer Fire Department
Fairview Park  Fact & Resource Guide
all other Calls (765) 505-8283
This web site created and maintained at no cost by Leonard Akers  with great respect for the Fairview Park community.
Fairview Park 1990 Census Report
Indiana Code Table of Content
K M E  Fire Apparartus
Wards     Precincts     Street Map 
Vermillion County Community Foundation
Mary Kay Frazier
 Chad Moore
Tonya Cox
Minutes of Town Council Meetings
Fairview Flag Fund Information & Fund Balance
Fairview Park Volunteer Fire Dept. Official Home Page
Town Board Members, Employees and their monthly salaries
Public Notices & News Briefs
Clinton High School Alumni Email Registry
Dana High School Alumni Email Registry
Waste Water Treatment Plant:  Phone 765-832-9340  Plant Operator

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Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority
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